Videoblocks - December 2016 Bundle

Videoblocks - December 2016 Bundle

Posted Date: 26-12-2016

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Videoblocks Bundle - December 2016
English | Size: 72,25 GB 

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Videoblocks - December 2016 Bundle
A collection of high quality Adobe After Effects templates. There are 424 templates within the Videoblocks - December 2016 Bundle.

3D Anatomical Model Human Skeleton Slowly Rotating
3D Anatomical Model Rotating Human Skull
3D Animated Model Rotating Human Nervous System
3D Rotating Anatomical Human Model Ribcage
8 Bit Space Warp
Accident Scene Zoom in Low Angle
Aerial Highway Overpass Traffic
Aerial Shot of Mountain Lake
Air Bubbles Underwater
Airplane A
Airport Foot Traffic Timelapse
All Wild
Alpha Channel Flames and Fire
Alpha Channel Flames from Center
Alpha Channel Glass Breaking
Alpha Channel Quick Spherical Explosion 1
Alpha Channel Quick Spherical Explosion 2
Alpha Channel Quick Spherical Explosion 3
Alpha Channel Wispy Smoke
American Goldfinch in Spring Tree
Animals and Humans Performing in Vaudeville Show
Arizona Desert Sunset
Assorted Vegetables Rotating on White Background
Autumn Sunset with Tree
Basketball Shot in Slow Motion from Under Hoop 2
Beautiful Rising Sun Over Clouds Timelapse
Binary Computer Stream
Black and White Flip Clock
Blow out Candle
Blue Computer Screen Error
Blue Ink Water
Blue Water Hitting Sandy Bermuda Beach
Blurred Highway Lights
Blurry Poli
Bokeh Rain
Bokeh Snowflakes
Boston Time Lapse Sunrise
Boy Spinning Soccer Ball on Finger in Slow Motion
Bright Moon Shining Through Clouds on Dark
Bright Yellow Sun in Sky Over Ocean
Bubble Tube Transition Matte
Burning Candle Close up
Bursting Energy Beam Transition Blue 2
Bursting Energy Beam Transition Gold
Bursting Energy Beam Transition Green
Business Lower Third 8 Navy Alternate
Business Lower Third 10 Alternate
Candle Lit Writing
Car Driving Down Forest Road Aerial
Cars and Trucks on Freeway Aerial
Cassette Rewinding
Changing Television Screens
Chefs Cooking Over Flame in Kitchen 2
Chicago River Tilt Shift Timelapse
Christmas Living Room Time Lapse Pan
Christmas Presents Time Lapse Pan
Clean Studio Virtual Background
Clear Waves Crashing on the Beach
Close Abstract Flip Clock
Close Faucet Dripping
Close up Melting Icicles
Close up of Bald Eagle with Sea in the Background
Closeup of Eye with Tears 2
Closeup of Running Mans Feet in Slow Motion
Closeup of Running Mans Upper Body
Close up of Woman Crying with a Black Eye
Closeup of Womans Profile then She Smiles
Closeup on Little Girls Eyes as She Smiles
Cloud and Sky Scraper Time Lapse
Clouds Moving in the Sky
Clouds Over Hierve El Agua
Coins Dropping on Scattered American Money Bills 3
College Students Walking on Campus
Color Bars Flickering
Color Changing Grunge Headphones
Colored Bars Left to Right Transition Red
Colorful Beach Chairs and Umbrella on Beach
Combine Harvests Wheat in Field
Computer Hacking
Construction Blueprints
Copper Canyon
Couple Hug in Rain
Couple Riding Bikes Through Tree Covered Path 7
Couple Walking Down the Street 2
Crashing Waterfall in Forest
Creepy and Rundown Abandoned Building
Crowd at Concert
Crowd of People on Street in Barcelona Spain 2
Dancing Crowd Beneath Disco Ball
Dancing Electromagnetic Frequency Scales
Dark Blue Clouds
Dark Green Ink in Water
Day to Night
Dj Festival Party Time
Dolly of People Sitting at Restaurant Bar 2
Dolly Shot Showing Modern Office Architecture and Two People Walking on a Sunlit Corridor
Dolly Through Pink
Driving on Desert Road
Earth Wipe 2 with Alpha
Easter Island Moai Statue Timelapse
Egypt Pyramid and Sphinx
Eight Year Old Girl Reading Book
Excited Fireworks Bursts
Exciting Finale to July Fourth Fireworks Show in Dc
Extreme Close up on Womans Eyes as She Reads a Website
Fall Trees with Sunlight Beaming Through 2
Famous Hollywood Sign Aerial View
Film Leader Sequence
Fire 17
Fireworks Exploding in the Night Sky 10
Flagcu Normal
Flag Part 1
Flare Across Wipe
Floating Orbs Blue Lower Third
Flying Clouds
Fly Over Fallen Tree Across Stream in Redwood Forest Wy
Folding Square Stripe Transition Silver
Full Moon Timelapse
Giant Setting Sun Over Sea Timelapse
Girl Dancing in Purple Shirt and Jeans on Greenscreen 4
Girl Walking Down Road Towards Mountains
Glowing Snow Wind Blast
Golden Barley Slide Rail Shot
Graphic Lower Third 2 Version
Grass Closeup in Copenhagen Denmark
Grass Field in Copenhagen Denmark
Grassy Field with Flowers and Trees 4
Grassy Field with Flowers and Trees 12
Green Field with a Dried up Ravine
Green Leaves Hanging Over Stream
Green Valley 1
Green Water Landscape 2
Grey Canyons and Valleys
Grove of Trees in Forest
Handheld Shot Showing a Business Environment and Two People Standing in Front of Sunlit Windows
Hands Playing Piano
Happy African Children Follow Camera and Dance
Hawaii Beautiful Scenic Roadway Aeria
Hawaii Sunset Bright Orange Sky
Hd Fireworks Fireworks 22
Hd Fireworks Fireworks 24
Hd Holiday Christmas Decoration 11
Hd New York City Empire State Building
Hd San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge 7
Heart Confetti Blows Away 2
Home Fences Sunset
Horizontal Film Leade
Inside Shot of a Waterfall at Sunset
Interlocking Bars Transition Matte
Ire State Building to Midtown Streets
Jeep Wrangler Driving on Rough Terrain
Jib Shot of Office Lobby
Kids Hanging out by School
La Downtown Street Timelapse
Lake Tahoe Winter Landscape
Led Digits
Light Blue Wave Lower Third
Lightbulbs Shattering
Light Cloud
Lightening Storm and Orange Sky
Lightening Storm at Night Time
Lightning in Dark Skies
Lightning Storm Over Country Field
Lightning Strikes in Dark Skies
Light Puffy Clouds
Light Sea Shimmer
Locked off Shot of Sunset Scenery Showing Two People Relaxing and Jogging in Nature
London Tower Bridge Timelapse
Los Angeles City Night Traffic Tl
Los Angeles Downtown Freeway Light Trails
Love Confetti Blows Away 3
Luscious Landscape with Water
Makeup Artist Applies I Make up to Client
Man Pushing Buttons on Cell Phone
Man Running in Slow Motion with Mountain Backdrop 2
Man Running Towards Camera in Slow Motion 4
Man Typing on Laptop Keyboard 2
Mediterranean Sunset
Metal Closing Squares Transition
Metal Closing Squares Transition Teal
Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis
Monkey Doing Tricks and Playing Instrument
Monochrome Film Reel Leader
Moon and Stars Rising Over Nature Scene
Moon at Night Timelapse
Moon Over City
Mother and Daughter Greet Father as He Returns Home
Mountain Rocks and Foliage
Moving Crowd Silhouettes
Multimedia Wall
Multiple Screens in Studio
Neon Ink in Water
New York City Aerial View 4
New York City Grand Central Timelapse
New York City Skyline Aerial
New York City Skyline Day
New York City Skyscrapers
Night Clouds
Nighttime La Highway Driving Timelapse
Nyc Traffic 2
Old Clock Ticking
Old Film Countdown to Vaudeville Show
Old Film Reel Countdown
Old House Desert Timelapse
Orange Clouds Moving with Cool Blue Sky
Ornaments Hanging Along Tree Timelapse
Out of Focus Long Shot Slow Zoom Down Dark Hall
Overlay Film Reel Leader
Over Ocean
Pan and Scan Visual Screens
Pan Changing TV Screens
Pan of Book in School Library
Pan of Three Bundles of American Money
Parents Grandfather and Children
Passenger Train
Passing Blue Sky Clouds Timelapse
People Walking in NYC 2
People Walking in Nyc 3
People Walking in Nyc 5
Pine Trees in Heavy Snow
Plane Low Fly Over
Plane Taking off Extremely Close up
Plane Taking Straight off
Plane Wing Over Countryside at Sunset
Police Car Lights
Police Vehicles 1
Pouring Coffee into Cup
Presents and Christmas Decorations Timelapse
Pretty Lights Chicago Tilt Shift
Radiologist Watching Monitors of Brain Scan
Rain Covered Window
Red Flying Ribbon Transition
Red Rocky Canyon 3
Red Splat Transition 2
Red Studio Background
Retro Radio Dial
River Landscape 3
Rolling Grass Hills in Copenhagen Denmark
Rooftop Antenna Montage
Roses Are Blue
Roses Are Red
Row of Students on School Computers
Sands of Time Transition Matte
San Francisco Crowd Timelapse
Scenic Billowing Clouds
Scenic Mountain Range Sunset Timelapse
School Teacher Teaching
Scientist Uses Microscope
Scientist Uses Pipette to Transfer Samples
Sea of Galilee Through Trees at Sunset 4
Shining Star in Snow
Shoe Stepping in Puddle in Slow Motion
Sidewalk Traffic of Nyc Focus Shift
Slow Mo Autumn Leaves Floating to the Ground
Slow Motion Bald Eagle Flying off with Fish
Slow Motion Beer Pour into Glass 1
Slow Motion Big Splash of Water 2
Slow Motion Billowing White Smoke
Slow Motion Blue and Yellow on White Paint Splatter
Slow Motion Blue Droplets
Slow Motion Blue on White Paint Splatter
Slow Motion Blue Puddle Drops
Slow Motion Blurry Light Spots
Slow Motion Breaking Hour Glass
Slow Motion Breaking Mirror
Slow Motion Breaking Sheet of Glass
Slow Motion Breaking Sheet of Glass up Close
Slow Motion Bright Orange Smoke
Slow Motion Bursting Fire Ball
Slow Motion Cascading Waterfalls Tilt Close
Slow Motion Champagne Bottle Pop
Slow Motion Champagne Flute Cheers
Slow Motion Crashing Whitewater Waterfall
Slow Motion Destroying Sheet of Glass
Slow Motion Explosion Toward the Sky
Slow Motion Falling and Spilling Pills
Slow Motion Falling Autumn Leaves
Slow Motion Falling Cash Bundle 3
Slow Motion Falling Confetti
Slow Motion Falling Money
Slow Motion Falling Red Rose Petals
Slow Motion Falling Strawberries
Slow Motion Fall Leaves Fluttering by Tree
Slow Motion Fireball Across the Screen
Slow Motion Fire Blaze from the Bottom
Slow Motion Fire Blaze from the Left
Slow Motion Floating White Lights
Slow Motion Globe on Fire
Slow Motion Hummingbird Flying
Slow Motion Ice Dropping into Water Glass
Slow Motion Jumping Splashing Waves
Slow Motion Light Snowfall
Slow Motion Liquid Steady Flow
Slow Motion Liquid Waves
Slow Motion Match on Fire
Slow Motion Money on Fire
Slow Motion Pouring Glass of Water
Slow Motion Rain on Plant
Slow Motion Red and Blue on White Paint Splatter
Slow Motion Red Wine Poured into Glass
Slow Motion Rippling Water Droplets
Slow Motion Rippling Water Droplets up Close
Slow Motion Shattering Clock Face
Slow Motion Shooting Explosion
Slow Motion Smashing Alarm Clock with Sledgehammer
Slow Motion Soaring Bald Eagle Closeup 2
Slow Motion Sparklers
Slow Motion Sparkling Water Bubbles
Slow Motion Sparks
Slow Motion Splashes of Water Droplets
Slow Motion Splashing Red Paint Splatter
Slow Motion Swans Flying in Morning Sun
Slow Motion Swirling White Smoke
Slow Motion Thin Film of Smoke
Slow Motion Water Droplets on Gerber Daisy
Slow Motion Water Spider
Slow Motion Windy American Flag
Slow Motion Windy Blue Flag
Slow Motion Windy Red Flag
Slow Motion Wine Glass Cheers
Smiling People in NYC
Smoke Fire Sunset Timelapse
Snow Capped Mountain at Dusk
Snow Grass
Snowy Land by River
Snowy Mountains 7
Snowy Mountains 8
Space Shuttle Lifting off with Huge Smoke Clouds
Space Shuttle Lighting up Night Sky
Speeding Los Angeles Highway Cars
Spherical Circle Opening Transition Matte
Spices and Food for Sale at Market in India
Spinning Bouquet of Red Roses
Spinning Globe and Flares Lower Third
Spiraling Pixel Tunnel
Spy Tape Recorder
Staggered Waterfalls 4
Star Galaxy Timelapse
Statue of Liberty 3
Stone Ruins and Sunrays Through Clouds
Stone Tunnel Stairway Exit
Student Pulls out Book Reverse Angle
Students Exiting Bus and Going to School
Students Hard at Work in Library
Students Taking Test in Class
Students Walking into School
Student Working on Equations in School
Student Working on Test Close up
Stunning Hillside Sweep
Suburb House Neighborhood Aerial
Sunny Water Reflection in Scenic Mountain Landscape
Sun Peeking Over Vibrant Green Hills
Sun Rays Shining Through Water Ripples
Sunrise Strat Panning
Sunset at Sea of Galilee
Sunset at Sea of Galilee 6
Sunset Desert Night Starry Sky Timelapse
Sunset Over Water
Sun Setting Over Mountain Forest
Sun Shining Through Forest
Sun Shining Through Passing Clouds 2
Sun Shining Through Trees in Forest Wj
Sweeping Light Rays Background Set
Sweeping New York City Aerial Looking Downtown 1
Tall Grass Blows in the Wind on African Savannah
Tall Green Tree Mountains
Tape Player Extreme
The World Famous Eiffel Tower in Natural Light Paris France Europe T Lapse
Thick Smoke
Tiled Hall Wheelchair Rolls into Frame
Tilt up from Mountain Train Tracks
Time Lapse Clouds
Time Lapse Clouds Over Water and Winter Landscape
Time Lapse Colorful Road Rush 2
Time Lapse Dark Clouds Pass Overhead
Time Lapse Farm with Barn and Mist
Time Lapse Golden Skies Over Water
Time Lapse Golden Sunset
Time Lapse Lily Pad
Time Lapse Nature Landscape
Time Lapse Pedestrian Foot Traffic
Time Lapse Road Rush Night Chaos
Time Lapse Sailing Over Water
Time Lapse Stormy Clouds
Time Lapse Sunrise Over Ocean
Time Lapse Sunrise Over Trees
Time Lapse Sunset Over Distant City Skyline
Time Lapse Vibrant Blue Sky and Clouds
Time Running out
Times Square Crowds 4
Times Square Street at Night Timelapse
Tracking Shot of a Father Teaching His Son How to Ride a Bike
Tracking Shot of a Man and a Woman Riding Bicycles in the Woods
Traveling Boom Box
TV Fuzzy Static
TV Static
Twinkle Stars Left to Right Wipe Transition Blue
Twinkle Stars Left to Right Wipe Transition Gold
Two Kids Run Through Cornfield at Sunset in Africa
Underneath Waves in the Water
Valley Slow
Vibrant Green Wheat Field
View of Palm Trees Ocean and Beach 3
View of Underneath the Eiffel Tower at Night Tilt
View of Womans Legs Walking Down Bermuda Beach
View Upwards from Underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris France Europe
Water at the Bottom of Autumn Valley in Aspen 5
Wide Shot of Eiffel Tower and Clouds
Wide Sky Timelapse Above Joshua Tree
Woman Dancing in Vaudeville Act
Woman Doing Strange Dance in Vaudeville Show
Woman Meditates Above Bryce Canyon National Park
Woman Walking into the Ocean 2
Woman Working on a Computer
Young Man Smiles with Braces
Young Woman Hip Hop Dancing in Slow Motion with Hair Movement
Young Woman Smiles at Camera
Zebra Behind Tree


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