DealJumbo - Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1

DealJumbo - Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1

Posted Date: 24-04-2018

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DealJumbo - Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1
Vector,AI,EPS Format Files,PSD Layered File | RAR 2.04 GB
DealJumbo - Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1

Retro/Vintage Graphic Designer Kit v.1 contains hundreds (719) of Retro and Vintage design elements from some of the most talented designers around, as well as 67 logo/badge templates, 30 vintage style frames, hundreds of amazing vintage overlay effects for your photos or designs, hundreds of heraldry shapes and retro 3D text effects. This is our biggest ( more then 3GB of data – 2GB ZIP file ) deal yet so be sure to check out the full details and view the preview images.

With this deal you get:

  • 67 Logo/Badge/Sign Templates (Adobe Illustrator AI,EPS files & Adobe Photoshop PSD )

  • 30 Vintage Style Frames (Adobe Illustrator AI,EPS files & Adobe Photoshop PSD )

  • 10 Simple 3D Retro Text Effects ( Adobe Photoshop PSD – Smart Objects )

  • 268 Vintage/Grunge Effects for Your Photo or Designs ( Adobe Photoshop PSD Templates, Screen and Real Textures in JPG )

  • 344 Retro/Vintage and Heraldry Shapes ( Adobe Illustrator AI,EPS files & Adobe Photoshop PSD )

If you love vintage/retro design or grunge Photoshop work, then this is the bundle for you.



1. Logo/Badge/Sign Templates

1A. Complex Logos/Signs/Badges v.1 by Cruzine Design

07preview107preview2 07preview3 07preview4 07preview5


1B. Ornamental Headers & Frames v.1 by Cruzine Design

06preview1 06preview2 06preview3 06preview4 06preview5


1C. Ornamental Frames Vol.1 by MIIM Design

04preview1 04preview2 04preview3 04preview4 04preview5


1D. Simple Retro Logo Templates v.1 by Cruzine Design

05preview1 05preview2 05preview3 05preview4


2. Vintage Style Frames

2A. 10 Frames Vol.1 – Vintage Ornament by Cruzine Design

10preview1a 10preview1b 10preview1c 10preview1d 10preview1e


2B. 10 Frames Vol.2 – Art Deco Style by Cruzine Design

08preview1 08preview2 08preview3 08preview4 08preview5


2C. 10 Frames Vol.3 – Vintage Ornament by Cruzine Design

09preview1 09preview2 09preview3 09preview4 09preview5


3. Simple Retro 3d Text and Logo Effects by MIIM Design

simple3dmock1a simple3dmock1b simple3dmock1c simple3dmock1d simple3dmock1e


4. Vintage Effects for Your Photography or Designs

4A. 30 Noise or Grunge Overlay Textures by MIIM Design

01preview1 01preview2 01preview3 01preview4


4B. 50 Torn Paper Brushes + 8 Textures by Cruzine Design

tb01 tb02 tb03


4C. Vintage Effects for Photo or Designs 1 – Vintage Paper by Cruzine Design

11preview1a 11preview1b 11preview1c 11preview1d 11preview1e


4D. Vintage Effects for Photo or Designs 4 – Folded Paper by Cruzine Design

12preview1 12preview2 12preview3 12preview4 12preview5


4E. Vintage Effects for Photo or Designs 5 – Canvas by Cruzine Design

13preview1 13preview2 13preview3 13preview4 13preview5


5. Retro/Vintage and Heraldry Shapes

5A. Sunbursts Shapes Vol.1 by MIIM Design

03preview1 03preview2 03preview3 03preview4 03preview5


5B. Wreath Shapes Vol.1 by MIIM Design

02preview1 02preview2 02preview3 02preview4 02preview5


5C. Vintage shapes – Heraldry Elements by Jumbo Design

preview1a preview2a preview3a


5D. Vintage shapes – Heraldry Symbols by Jumbo Design

preview1b preview2b preview3b


5E. Retro/Vintage shapes – Crests by Jumbo Design

preview1c preview2c preview3c


5F. Retro/Vintage shapes – Ribbons by Jumbo Design

preview1d preview2d preview3d


5G. Retro/Vintage shapes – Shields by Jumbo Design

preview1e preview2e preview3e


5H. Retro/Vintage shapes – Crowns by Jumbo Design

preview1f preview2f preview3f


5I. Retro/Vintage shapes – Wings by Jumbo Design

preview1g preview2g preview3g

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