Lens Distortions - Archetype SFX

Lens Distortions - Archetype SFX

Posted Date: 14-11-2017

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Lens Distortions - Archetype SFX
MP3 | WAV | 440 MB / 3,4 GB RAR
Lens Distortions - Archetype SFX
Archetype SFX
Cinematic Sound Effects Library
Lens Distortions - Archetype SFX


  • 120+ Original Sound Effects
  • 600+ Variations
  • 6 Distinct Categories: 01 Risers, 02 Hits, 03 Whooshes, 04 Glitches, 05 Undertones, 06 Atmospheres
  • Mastered for professional use
  • WAV – 96000hz (6.6GB)
  • MP3 – 48000hz (750MB)
  • Royalty Free

Create Your Cinematic Vision

You have a vision. 

Not just for how your project will look, but for how it will feel. 

Sound design is essential to creating a visceral experience.

Archetype SFX is a powerful sound effects library for your weighty, cinematic projects.


Highly Versatile

We strove to keep a certain rawness to the sounds. 

They are not so over-produced, which helps them work well in a huge variety of projects.

The clips are great individually, but are made for mixing and matching. 

You can create interesting new sounds when you combine them with other sounds from the library.


6 Distinct Categories

We curated the pack down to only the best and most useful sound effects. 

With over 120 original effects across 6 useful categories, you’ll be able to quickly find the perfect sounds.


5 Useful Variations

Each sound comes in five variations: Normal, Analog, Distortion, Silk, and Space.

Distortion drastically increases the impact of a sound. Silk is smoother and more subtle. 

Tube provides warm tones by physically recording through an analog preamp. Space feels super ambient and airy.


Professional Grade

Inspiring sound design is now attainable for filmmakers at every level of the game.

The sounds are professionally mastered and compatible with all major editing platforms, including Premiere, Final Cut X, Pro Tools, Resolve, and more.

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